Transmission Tower & Line Inspection

Comprehensive visual inspections are crucial when it comes to the transmittal of electricity through electrical utility assets. We offer a faster, safer, and more accurate way of conducting comprehensive visual and thermal inspections. We are able to unlock the hard to get to, un-accessible by foot locations to help find more areas of concern than current, traditional methods.

Any power grid in a vegetative environment inherits the risk of vegetation encroachment. Inspecting for this specific issue is dangerous. Our assessment of overhead lines ensures that the right of way is being inspected as necessary. Current methods to inspect transmission circuits is expensive, labor intensive, and poses the problem of collecting inefficient data.  

Right-of-way audits have traditionally been conducted on foot. Dangerous situations and risky environments have been re-evaluated by adopting the latest technology to help pinpoint the High Priority Areas that presented a potential failure over lower priority to prevent outages.

Whether scanning for vegetation or conducting a 100+ point inspection, transmission tower and line inspections are becoming more efficient and cost effective with the latest technology. Reducing the inherent risk of using manned aircraft, increasing the quality of data, and helping engineers make educated decisions. 

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