Electrical Substation Inspection

Routine Inspections and Audits, Verification of Layout, Drawings, and Building plans, are efficiently conducted without the need to enter a small substation through our tech enabled platform. Larger substations may require training, education, and escorts to ensure inspections occur with the highest level of safety which we evaluate on a case-by-case basis.  We have consistently and successfully visually and thermally inspected switches, arrestors, bushings, transformers, and structures inside substations with zero incidents. We are certified Level 1 Thermographers, and therefore we can observe any thermal anomalies instantaneously, in order to determine whether or not a specific component needs to be further investigated or may be out of specifications.  

Continued service area growth increases power demands on Navopache Electric Cooperative (NEC) Electrical Substations and Transmission Lines. We identified obstacles impeding NEC’s goal of a operating a reliable substation and enhanced their operational efficiency.

Spontaneous manual inspections by different groups affect the productivity and lead to higher costs for our utility partners.  By providing an in-depth tech-enabled inspection and analysis of a substation, we are able to identify areas that reduce system reliability and efficiency, which could threaten the safety of employees and contractors.

Our inspection can be completed without the need to de-energize the system while still providing cutting edge results including a full visual and Thermal imaging inspections. There is no need for service interruptions when we conduct our remote inspections that are necessary to keep the lights on and the customers happy.

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