We produce high quality, geo-referenced aerial imagery, and videography for all types of industries. We pride ourselves on proper and informative infrastructure inspection. Public safety and privacy are our primary concerns. The Part 107 and Section 333 Exemption are legal requirements for commercial flights, validates our liability insurance, and ensures that the safety and privacy of the public is maintained and respected.

Land Survey

We want to help make your next build easier and cheaper using Unmanned Aerial Systems to conduct Aerial Land Survey

Orthomosaic Imagery
Digital Elevation Maps

Construction Site Monitoring

Architects, Engineers & Contractors get a bird’s eye view as a project is built.

Infrastructure Inspection

Inspect hard to see places. Reduce downtime, cost, and the risk of human life.

3D Imagery

Aerial photography of your Real Estate listings will give you that edge on the competition.


The perspective from which the picture is taken is as important as the subject itself.

Lasting Impression

A birds eye view to catch a buyers eye, to show off your project, and to re-cap a place or event.

Incomparable visual tool

Outstanding photos from above boost your visual quality of work to perspective clients

Reduce Risk

The amount of time humans are risking their lives can be reduced dramatically by using an “Unmanned Vehicle” to inspect any Industrial Infrastructure.

Reduce Downtime

Shutting down any system for any amount of time cost company’s thousands, if not millions of dollars to shut down. Keep your equipment running.

Reduce Cost

Typical inspections are high in price due to the risk and downtime needed to inspect equipment. Spend less.


Pricing is on a per job basis. All aerial photography shoots are different and have multiple factors to address. Temperature, wind speed, air condition, whether there are trees or power lines in the way, all these factor in when doing aerial photography/video. In most cases we can give you an upfront cost by going to the site and doing a free estimate. If none of these dangers are a factor then it is really simple. Skynetwest is committed to delivering the highest quality images and video, therefore, the date for the shoot will always be determined and controlled by weather conditions.

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