We are a group of qualified data retrieval specialists, conducting operations in and around electrical utility assets. Geolocating assets to identify and mitigate failure threats before they disrupt service is how we become successful to the operations of reliable infrastructure.


“I started this company to bring the technology to all those who can benefit from it. From Substation Inspections to Transmision Tower & Line Inspection to Vegetation Encroachment/Management, we are excited to be part of a bigger picture to help mitigate fire and safety risks by turning the inspection process from dangerous to efficient and effective with the use of Unmanned Systems.”


Our commitment to excellence in safety, reliability, and consistency will continue to lead us towards adopting the systems of approaches that combine highly trained and skilled operations crews with the latest technology solutions the world has to offer.


We envision a world where the field of inspection is one of the safest career paths compared to current traditional methods. By creating and implementing innovative solutions that improve inspection quality while keeping people out of harm’s way, we are well on our way to creating this new standard and want the world to know that Skynetwest is committed to doing everything in its power to get our clients the data they need, and the information suited for them personally to know how to get started with Unmanned Systems Inspection Services.

Our focus is to always stay ahead of the game with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to provide the highest quality service to our clients imaginable. We will work to continue in meeting and exceeding all expectations.

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