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We provide our clients with the insight to optimize asset management.


Whether its’ bridges, Utilities, Wind Turbines, Cell towers, Railways, Roadways, Dams, Levees’s, Etc.


We have a solution.

Our focus is to always stay ahead of the game. With innovative and cutting-edge technologies, we provide the highest quality, best-in-class service for our clients.

Our Mission

Is to provide ongoing mapping and inspection of our land and structures in our world needed to keep our society connected. We ensure the integrity of our foundation in the infrastructure we build, to the people we support. 

    Inside the Industry

Part I | The Missing Link for the UAS Industry

Part I | The Missing Link for the UAS Industry

Ever since Jeff Bezos appeared on 60 Minutes and announced that Amazon had been looking into using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as a means to deliver packages, the commercial sector (at least in the US) was beginning to pop, and there was hype across the entire...

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Standards-Based Certification for UAS

Standards-Based Certification for UAS

Ladies and Gentlemen, This article is a Call to Action to help our commercial UAS/Drone industry advance to the next level. This is not another one of those, "The technology is great!" Or "Let's talk about the potential of the industry" pieces. This is...

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Data Retrieval

Our work is built around giving the mapping professionals, engineers, construction workers, and everything else in between, the data they deserve in a safer, faster, and more accurate manner than ever before.

Skynetwest takes the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks out of the workflow and provides data that plugs in seamless with all current processes and systems.

Need a tower inspected? Looking to provide topographic mapping data along the side of a mountain?
We’ve got the hassle covered, so you can focus on what you do best.

Advantage of using UAS to Increase Workflow Efficiency

Complete Asset Digitization

All data that integrates with current mapping and inspection workflows and software, with greater detail.

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Access from Anywhere

Options for delivery include online cloud processing platforms, Log in and analyze the data immediately. 

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Take the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks out of your To-Do’s with each project.

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We provide a Higher Resolution, Accurate, Time-Efficient, and Cost Effective way of obtaining different types of Mapping data.

Infrastructure Inspection

Skynetwest is designed to improve the inspections of infrastructure, bringing the quality of data to the next level.

“Noah and his team helped my company collect crucial information from a roadway surface on an active and busy street. I needed high-resolution imagery of skid marks and pavement gouges before these features had deteriorated from sun exposure and high traffic use. Noah was able to accommodate my aggressive schedule and deliver high-quality data for me to use in my analysis. Noah and his team were courteous, professional and worked quickly to deliver the information that I needed.”

Kevin Hollander, PhD | Senior Engineering Consultant | Augspurger Komm Engineering, Inc.
Kevin Hollander, PhD | Senior Engineering Consultant |

“Being a small utility with limited resources and expertise, Skynetwest’s ability to harness UAS technology to efficiently retrieve field data across our 8,000+ square mile service area is unprecedented. Coupling this data with post-processing methods such as asset digitization had unlocked a plethora of opportunities to visualize system resources and further analyze the surrounding terrain and environment. Our engineering and operations departments now have the ability to View 3D substation models, abstract high-resolution digital elevation models, and apply these newfound resources as they work on future construction projects.”

Paige Richardson | Engineering Department, GIS Specialist | Navopache Electric Cooperative
Paige Richardson | Engineering Department, GIS Specialist |

“On May 21, 2019 during a ITC Level 1 sUAS Thermography Course , I met Mr. Noah Ruiz , President of Skynetwest, a sUAS service provider.  Mr. Ruiz is a very organized individual with a business approach to providing detailed sUAS services across all platforms.   His approach is to provide innovative and creative sUAS services with the top of the line equipment including infrared thermal imaging for reliable professional solutions.  Mr. Ruiz has a true concern for providing accurate, detailed and professional sUAS services. It would be my pleasure to recommend Mr. Ruiz to any person or business requiring professional sUAS Services.”

Bill Schwahn Instructor | Level III Thermographer | Infrared Training Center
Bill Schwahn Instructor | Level III Thermographer |

Our Clients